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Aluminum Alloys for Casting
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Product: Views:400Aluminum Alloys for Casting 
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Title: aluminum alloy for casting

Description: Aluminum surface treatment for casting is mostly power coating and electroplating. Customers usually ask for salt spray test.


aluminum alloy for casting

Process   Type:

Aluminum alloy Die Casting Machine and CNC ,Power coating





Surface   treatment:

Electroplating ,Power Coating


Aluminum alloy Die Casting Machine and CNC


Material certificate, QC reports, Surface treatment inspection reports


15~20days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.

Delivery & Service:

Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each   customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the  best service.

(II) Control of hydrogen content in aluminum alloy smelting 

Hydrogen absorption in aluminum alloy smelting is a major problem that causes pinholes in aluminum alloy castings to reduce pinhole properties and mechanical properties. Therefore, various measures must be taken to strictly control the content of hydrogen and other gases. The measures for controlling the hydrogen content in the smelting process are shown in Table 5-84. The rapid determination method of hydrogen content is shown in Table 5-85.

Control key points

Detecting one side flying E

Before charging the furnace, it is necessary to strictly remove the rust and oil on the surface of the charge, and preheat it to the specified process.


Before adding the charge, the oven should be used to remove the moisture of the furnace (the vortex) to avoid moisture and

Furnace gas hydrocarbons are in contact with the charge. For die castings that require very tight pinholes, they can be used for furnace gas analysis or for measuring wet B of air.

Inert gas or cover agent to protect the liquid surface, prevent inhalation, and use enhanced degassing 

Refining agent refining alloy liquid

The tool should be fully preheated to remove moisture before contact with the alloy solution.

Smelting process Controls the melting temperature and time, prevents the alloy liquid from overheating, and selects and makes rapid hydrogen measurement in front of the furnace.

With the refining agent and its amount and refining time, the refining agent must be fully dried before use.

Smelting operation As far as possible, no damage or less damage to the protective film on the surface of the alloy and prevention of oxide scales

Human alloy liquid

Casting operation Reduce the stirring of the alloy liquid as much as possible, prevent the oxide roll from being in the alloy liquid, strictly check the process and measure the hydrogen before the furnace.

1. Q: How is average deliver day?

A: The regular quantity delivery date is about 20 days. Other circumstances need special calculation. 

2. Q:How many regular package in our product?

A: We have Automatic packaging machine and traditional flat bag usually 1pcs/ bag 500PCS a big bag, then the suitcase has 5 bags. 

3. Q: what is your Quality Certification?

A: we got SGS ROSH certification. 

4. Q: How many weight can the carabiner bear?

A: It is 60 KG Newton.

5. Q: How many times can carabiner open and close?

A: 5000times.