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Metal Casting Molds
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Product: Views:382Metal Casting Molds 
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Title: metal casting molds

Description: Metal die-casting dies can produce different types of metal products.


metal casting molds

Process   Type:

Aluminum alloy Die Casting Machine and CNC ,Power coating





Surface   treatment:

Electroplating ,Power Coating


Aluminum alloy Die Casting Machine and CNC


Material certificate, QC reports, Surface treatment inspection reports


15~20days   lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.

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First, die casting

Die casting is the abbreviation for pressure casting. It is to pour liquid or semi-liquid metal or alloy liquid into the injection chamber of the die casting machine, and then press the injection piston (punch) of the die casting machine into the casting system of the die-casting mold (die-casting type) at high speed and high pressure and A metal rapid prototyping method in which a mold is molded and solidified under a certain pressure to form a mold, and then a die-casting mold (type) is opened.

Second, the characteristics of the die casting process

(1) The metal or alloy liquid is filled with a mold under high pressure and crystallized and solidified under a certain pressure. The common pressure is several MPa to several tens of MPa, up to 200 MPa, so that the quality of the casting is high, mechanical properties and airtight performance. it is good.

(2) The speed of filling the mold with metal or alloy liquid is very fast. The common injection speed is between 10,..._, 30m/s, up to 80m/s, so the casting time is very short (at 0. 001,.._,0. 2s), making it extremely productive.

(3) The mold has large heat capacity and rapid heat conduction, which makes the die-casting {wearing and corrosion resistance good.

The structure of the cattle is dense, the crystals are fine, and the mechanical properties are good.

(4) Allowing metal or entry by more than one thousand characteristics

Die casting, and a thin-walled casting with a complicated shape structure can be obtained.